The Journey

Mix bag of my wandering and ponderings

Vision Boards for Creating Your Future

“It’s time to get inspired. Climb Mount Everest, sun bathe in the Maldives, run a marathon, fall in love, read 100 books. These are just some examples for your personal vision board.” What is a vision board you may ask?…
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WWOOFing Around the World

“So what is this WWOOFing craze everyone is talking about? It sounds like the utterings of a canine-based cult or chants at a furry convention. Woof woof?” WWOOFing has little to do with cuddly house pets. The acronym WWOOF stands…
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Breaking My First Class Fast

I’ve always had a strong aversion to flying First Class. Inwardly I cursed the caste of stoic businessmen and women staring at us weary economy classers shuffling our way to the back rows. I had written off first class as…
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Date a Girl Who Travels

“The only question you need to ask yourself is: Can you keep up?” The popular recent article Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels by Adi Zarsadias has made a whirlwind tour across the internet and been passed on to me…
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New Years as Celebrated Across the Globe

Happy New Year! Finally something we can all agree upon right? That one celebration that transcends race, religion, time and place. It’s that epic day across the globe where everyone shares in one collective sigh of relief, tallies their blessings…
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