Cycling Around Portugal

Cycling counterclockwise around the country the journey begins September 1st, 2020. For one month I will cycle through sparkling cities and quaint villages; rugged forests and rolling plains. I will begin the journey south of the Tagus River, cycling south along the Atlantic coast aided by the trade winds, then cycling east along the Algarve coastline before cycling north through the interior of the country along the border of Spain. After cycling west through the northern region of the country, I will again join the Atlantic coast to cycle to my home in Lisbon.

This trip is designed to be a solo trip, but friends are welcome to join and I’m sure I will make new ones along the way. The journey won’t be easy, but I will draw upon my previous experiences having cycled across the US in 2010 and cycled along the Mediterranean in 2016.

The directory below can be used to skip to specific days. I hope you enjoy reading about my 30 days on the road!

Preparations Complete!Day 16 - It's a Small Portugal After All
Day 1 - Police EscortDay 17 - Day off in Covilhã
Day 2 - HorsefliesDay 18 - Torre da Serra da Estrela
Day 3 - WatercolorsDay 19 - Rain, Rain, Go Away...
Day 4 - Going the DistanceDay 20 - After the Rain Comes Sun
Day 5 - Chapel of BonesDay 21 - Bridges
Day 6 - Day off in FaroDay 22 - Familiar Faces
Day 7 - Cemetery of AnchorsDay 23 - Day Off in Braga
Day 8 - Northward BoundDay 24 - Back to the Atlantic
Day 9 - Old Mines and New FriendsDay 25 - Cyclist Luncheon
Day 10 - A Dam Good DayDay 26 - Por Uma Vida
Day 11 - Day off in Reguengos de MonsarazDay 27 - The Largest Waves
Day 12 - Four Castles and Two SnailsDay 28 - Ginja
Day 13 - Slightly DerailedDay 29 - The Hangover
Day 14 - The TejoDay 30 - Coming Home
Day 15 - Cycling with Friends