The Journey

Mix bag of my wandering and ponderings

Day 30 – Coming Home

Starting Point: EriceiraEnding Point: LisboaToday’s Distance: 98 kmTotal Distance: 2,036 km I was almost too excited to sleep, but when I stirred awake at 4 am I willed myself back into slumber. I needed the rest; Day 30, the final…
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Day 29 – The Hangover

Starting Point: Atouguia da Baleia (Peniche)Ending Point: EriceiraToday’s Distance: 53 kmTotal Distance: 1,938 km I woke up in pain. The joyous occasion the night before had translated into far too much wine, and I was paying for it now. I…
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Day 28 – Ginja

Starting Point: São Martinho do PortoEnding Point: Atouguia da Baleia (Peniche)Today’s Distance: 42 kmTotal Distance: 1,885 km After two 100+ km days, I lingered in bed longer than usual this morning. I slowly packed my few things and prepared for…
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Day 27 – The Largest Waves

Starting point: Figueira da FozEnding point: São Martinho do PortoToday’s Distance: 109 kmTotal Distance: 1,843 km This morning I was very pleased to welcome a guest cyclist to join me in cycling for the day. Dr. António was a friend…
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Day 26 – Pour Uma Vida

Starting Point: AveiroEnding Point: Figueira da FozToday’s Distance: 113 kmTotal Distance: 1,734 km I had a long day ahead of me, so I was primed to get an early start. Before leaving though, I had to make a quick stop…
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