The Journey

Mix bag of my wandering and ponderings

15 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

Traveling can be an energizing and fulfilling experience, but it wrenches us out of routine in a way that may upset our healthiest habits. Navigating new environments can take a toll on us physically and mentally, and along with the…
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Why Learning a New Language is Like Learning How to Swim

After years in an on-again-off-again relationship with the French language, I think I’ve finally arrived at what most would consider, “working proficiency”. I’m living in a French speaking country, working with a French speaking organization, and much of my daily communication…
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How to Travel to Cuba Tomorrow as an American

By popular demand, here is my quick and dirty overview on LEGAL American travel to Cuba Authorization As political ties are slowly being restored between the US and Cuba travel restrictions have eased for Americans. Currently any American can enter…
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Getting to Know Cuba

¡Hola Havana! I breathed a sigh of relief after passing through immigration at Havana’s international airport. Since before I was born a strict embargo between the US and Cuba has kept Americans such as myself from traveling to this famed island…
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5 Ways to Stay Fit on the Road

“The diversity and uncertainty of travel is at once exhilarating and a death sentence to routine. Locations can change daily and the healthy normal routines like consistent sleep and a balanced diet may fall by the wayside in your new…
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