Humanitarian Musings

Insights from the field


Madagascar I touched down in Antananarivo (say that three times fast), the capital of Madagascar. Working in a “flying” position with NGO Action Against Hunger, I am poised to respond to any of the more than 40 countries they operate in to…
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What Would Equitable Refugee Resettlement Look Like?

“Currently more than 65 million people—one in every 113th person on the planet—have been displaced from their homes by conflict or persecution”   Introduction The terms “refugee” and “immigrant” flood the headlines in today’s political climate; sometimes out of genuine…
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Albinism in the DRC

While in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) I had the pleasure of meeting a physician who has dedicated his life’s work to a specific subset of the world’s population: those affected by the condition called albinism. According to…
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A Toast to a Village in the Congo

I recently had the honor of spending two weeks in a village deep in the second largest rainforest in the world of the Congo Basin. Getting to the village was an odyssey in and of its own. The Democratic Republic…
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