Cycling the Mediterranean


Cycling from Barcelona, Spain to Corfu, Greece the journey began June 1st, 2016. For two months I cycled along the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. From Barcelona I headed east, exploring the coastlines of Spain, France, and Italy before dipping down towards Rome and Naples. Rising again to meet Slovenia, I traveled the coastlines of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and finally Greece. I visited quaint villages and stunning cities, navigated a dozen or so languages and experienced countless culinary traditions along the way.


My sister Bita was my cycling partner in crime for much of the journey. My dear friend Jess who cycled across the US with me in 2010 and her boyfriend also joined me for the part of the journey. I cycled the final ten days from Croatia to Greece solo. I got to meet up with old friends during the trip and make new ones along the way. In a word, it was magic.

Feel free to use the directory below to skip to specific days. Hope you enjoy reading about my 60 days on the road!

PreparationsDay 31 Burned Bums
Day 1 The Beautiful StruggleDay 32 Flower Power
Day 2 Mud RunDay 33 Sport and Fitness
Day 3 Bonjour FranceDay 34 Day Off in Francavilla
Day 4 The Long Way HomeDay 35 One Hunded Miles
Day 5 Day Off in SèteDay 36 Couch Surfing
Day 6 The CamargueDay 37 San Marino
Day 7 Training DayDay 38 Watermeloned
Day 8 Wild Wild WestDay 39 The Amazing Race
Day 9 PâtéDay 40 No Bikes Allowed
Day 10 Bike HikingDay 41 Day Off in Venice
Day 11 Day Off in NiceDay 42 German Weather
Day 12 Buongiorno ItalyDay 43 Last Day in Italy
Day 13 Italian MenDay 44 Horse Burgers
Day 14 Sky HighDay 45 Gone with the Bora
Day 15 Sick PuppiesDay 46 Day Off in Jadranovo
Day 16 Day Off in PisaDay 47 Schnapps?
Day 17 Nearly PerfectDay 48 Pag
Day 18 Day Off in FlorenceDay 49 Road Trip
Day 19 ChiantiDay 50 Riding Solo
Day 20 On the HouseDay 51 Day Off in Bosnia
Day 21 Summer is ComingDay 52 Mile 2,000
Day 22 All Roads Lead to RomeDay 53 Montenegro and the Lost Pedal
Days 23 & 24 When in RomeDay 54 Albania
Day 25 VincenzaDay 55 Land of the Eagles
Day 26 The PassionDay 55 The Fall
Day 27 Day Off in NaplesDay 57 The Promenade
Day 28 PompeiiDay 58 Llogara Pass
Day 29 Crossing the BootDay 59 The Finish Line
Day 30 East CoastinReflections