Cycling Across the US


Biking from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine the journey began July 2nd, 2010. Our itinerary, which we allowed to evolve along the way, was influenced by recommendations from people across the country. From Portland, OR we headed East exploring everything from small towns to major cities, overlooked trails to national landmarks. Friends, family and perfect strangers offered us encouragement, advice and sometimes even a great meal along the way.

The Journey

Our goal was not to race through the countryside or to beat any cycling records. Instead, we sought to appreciate the uniqueness of every country road, busy city and smiling face we encountered. Creating a visual account of our journey was important as well. We wanted to get people excited about the concept of travel that is accomplished through dedication and willpower without adding to our carbon footprint. This is the abridged version of the travel blog I kept during our journey across the country. Feel free to use the directory below to skip to specific days. Hope you enjoy reading about our 71 days on the road!


PreparationsDay 36 The Badlands
Pre Trip InterviewDay 37 A Word on Ice Cream
Into the Wee Hours…Into The Wee HoursDay 38 The Dramatic Frog
Day 1 The Journey BeginsDay 39 The Kindness of South Dakota
Day 2 Bonneville DamDay 40 Fuel Efficient
Day 3 The WesterlyDay 41 Three Sweaty Amigos
Days 4 & 5 Strep Throat CityCrossing America, Celebrating Freedom
Day 6 Maryhill WineryDays 42-44 R & R Midwest Style
Day 7 Night RidersPortland-to-Portland Trek Shows Specific ‘Bucket List’ Thinking
Day 8 One Hundred and Eleven DegreesDay 45 Almost Famous
Day 9 Walla WallaDay 46 Why We Love Truckers
Day 10 Fields of GoldDay 47 Attack Dog
Day 11 Alpowa SummitDay 48 Watermelon
Day 12 Into IdahoDay 49 Americana
Day 13 Fresh CatchDay 50 The Big Muddy
Day 14 Along the ClearwaterDay 51 From Oregon to Oregon
Day 15 Hot SpringsDay 52 Chicago
Day 16 Lolo PassDay 53 Pad Thai in Indiana
Day 17 MissoulaDay 54 Amish Country
Day 18 Skalkaho PassDay 55 Parting Ways in Ohio
Day 19 Onto ButteDay 56 Sans Peddling
Day 20 Storm ChasersDay 57 Charmed
Day 21 EnnisDay 58 Camping Bar Style
Day 22 Trading RidesDay 59 Lake Erie
Day 23 The Cattle DriveDay 60 Pennsylvania
Day 24 YellowstoneDay 61 The Shooting Range
Day 25 Old Faithful and JoeDay 62 Another Beautiful Day in Pennsylvania
Day 26 The FlatDay 63 Heck of a Ride
Day 27 Leaving YellowstoneDay 64 The Cabin
Day 28 Population TenDay 65 The Turtle
Day 29 Granite PassDay 66 Kind Police
Day 30 SheridanDay 67 Connecticut Enthusiasm
Day 31 The BottleDay 68 Guest Speakers
Day 32 Rest StoppedDay 69 Massachusetts
Day 33 The TornadoDay 70 The Atlantic
Day 34 Mount RushmoreDay 71 OUR FINAL DAY OF CYCLING!
Day 35 Wall Drug