The Journey

Mix bag of my wandering and ponderings

When Traveling You are Never Truly Alone

I constantly have people asking me questions about my solo traveling adventures. Am I scared? Can I find my way? Do I get lonely? While any of these can rear their ugly heads throughout our lifetime, being on the move…
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Skydiving as a Way to See the World

Skydiving; it’s one of those adrenaline rush, Evel Knievel, bucket list things right? I mean who would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and risk ruining a perfect good pair of underwear? The view of skydiving as…
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There’s something spiritual about the person who drops us into the arms of check-in A farewell hug, a hurry home, a last glance Dehydrated, bedraggled, luggage in tow My heart skips a beat To the familiar outline of a loved-one’s…
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