Ride the Med

Cycling around the Mediterranean


Start point: Barcelona, Spain End point: Corfu, Greece Miles: 2,340 Key words: US cycling trip, planning, Mediterranean, cycling sisters, three sweaty amigos, people   The inspiration for this trip began in 2010, when my friend Jess and I were sweating…
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Day 59 The Finish Line

Start point: Borsh, Albania End point: Corfu, Greece Miles: 23 Key words: Christmas morning, spent, last leg, bittersweet, road worn traveler, made it! I left my hotel before even the staff were stirring and cycled into the cool morning. It…
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Day 58 Llogara Pass

Start point: Vlorë, Albania End point: Borsh, Albania Miles: 57                                                               Elevation change: 3,422 feet Key words: çaji i malit, Albanian Riviera, cowbell, 10% grade, bunkers, overwhelmed I rose early to find Festim, my hostel host, readying breakfast for our merry…
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Day 57 The Promenade

Start point: Lushnjë, Albania End point: Vlorë, Albania Miles: 45 Key words: jammed, kind observer, byrek, salt flats, Muradie Mosque, magic I had breakfast at my hotel early as agreed upon. When I came downstairs the kind owner said “you…
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Day 56 The Fall

Start point: Tirana, Albania End Point: Lushjnë, Albania Miles: 45 Key words: byrek, Olgert, grilled corn, wind, tumble, love hotel I departed early with my couch surfing host who was headed to German class and went in search of the…
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