Day 1 The Journey Begins

I couldn’t believe it! The morning I had been envisioning every day for three months was upon us. Now I realize in the grand scheme of things three months isn’t a long time. Small children somehow survive the twelve months of anticipation before Christmas. But sometimes I’m more impatient than a small child. I like results.

The morning of we still had to pick up a few last supplies and give out a few last goodbyes.  In particular picking up two pairs of cycling shoe clips (details, details) and saying goodbye to Jess’ Mom.

We then drove to Portland, our bikes and bags consuming the interior of Jess’ car. Once in Portland we scouted for our launching pad. A spacious Home Depot parking spot looked perfect.

Putting our Bikes Back Together


With an exchange of hugs and “good lucks!” from our escorts we hopped on our bikes and headed North. Both Jess and I were smiling uncontrollably. We are really doing this!

As we made our way over the I-205 bridge into Washington the clouds above unleashed the downpour they had threatened all day. Rain pelted us with little mercy as we ascended to the crest of the bridge as if begging the question… Are you ready to turn back? We pedaled on.

Anyone see the little green buddha?

In Washington and about to hop on Highway 14

Our first day of cycling was invigorating but not without its challenges. Crossing the I-205 bridge tested our perseverance as we tilted our helmets against the icy horizontal rain. The inclines of Highway 14 tested our conditioning and endurance. As dusk descended upon us we weighed our options for sleeping arrangements. Despite the uncomfortable patch of land we erected our tent on, exhaustion insured that we slept well that night; lulled by the hum of mosquitoes and rumbling of a not-so-distant train.

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