Day 2 Bonneville Dam

Mother nature was much kinder to us our second day of cycling. The steep inclines of the Cascades gave way to smaller hills and gorgeous scenery. Breath taking sights such as Beacon Rock and Bonneville Dam made for an awe-inspiring morning.

Bonneville Dam

Bridge of the Gods

Roadside Beauties

We were about 20 miles into our day when Jess acknowledged that she was not feeling well. The mild fever she had tried to ignore the night prior had turned into a nagging headache and sore throat. Deciding to retire early we pulled off at a sign that read “Home Valley Campground.”  We were pleased to find the camp sites well-kept and the camp hosts inviting. We spent the better part of our evening chatting with hosts Vern and Rick about such varied topics as garlic, politics, health, Quinoa, and Bigfoot.

Fun Fact: Skamania County (where our campsite was located) has had more reported Bigfoot sightings than any other county in Washington.

Jess was thrilled to find organic chicken dogs at a local market. They were chocked full of sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and an assortment of herbs.  Even I, the vegetarian by nature, partook. I also have  to rave about Jess’ pyro skills for a moment. I didn’t know when we started this journey that Jess possesses the fire building skills to vie with any boy scout (or troop leader for that matter). I had only begun unpacking one of my bags when I turned around to a blazing fire. All hail fire goddess Jess!

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