Day 46 Day Off in Jadranovo

Start point: Jadranovo, Croatia

End point: Jadranovo, Croatia

Miles: 0

Key words: grounded, seafood market, blog, barbecue, fire goddess, Dalmatia

Since the Bora winds had grounded us for an extra day in this random little town in Croatia we tried to make the best of it. We slept in, bought seafood from the local seafood market, Jess and Hector tried their hand at preparing pasta with mussels (which was delicious!) and I hunkered down to work on the blog. Probably the best part of the day came when the winds had died down enough that we could use our host’s barbecue. Not your average WalMart special, this barbecue was a stone structure with a metal grate you set on top of the coals once ready to grill. We stuffed the fish from the market with garlic, onions, tomatoes and thyme, wrapped them in foil and set them on the blaze that fire goddess Jess had made until they were cooked to perfection. To make our dinner on the terrace all the more special our host brought us a carafe of wine from his family’s vineyard in Dalmatia. It was a relaxing evening to compliment a relaxing day. We would be back in action tomorrow.


All hail fire goddess Jess!

Total miles so far: 1,776 

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