Days 42-44 R & R Midwest Style

Arriving in Sioux City, Iowa wasn’t just the midway point in our journey. The entire tri-state area was also Jess’ old stomping ground. Our 3 days of rest and relaxation were also a flurry of social activity; meeting grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings. We were fed, questioned, pampered, encouraged, quizzed and housed by Jess’ family. It was a wonderful introduction to the Midwest and most of Jess’ entire extended family!

Jess and Her Grandma Pat

Myself, Jess and her brother Jake

Jet Skiing on the Missouri River

Jess and her nieces Lily and Katelyn

Shakes for everyone

Jess with her brother Jake and cousins Lauren and Elle

Jess with grandpa “Papa” and grandma “Nona” and brother Jake

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