Day 11 Alpowa Summit

After leaving Lewis and Clark State Park we headed to the nearby town of Dayton to forage for breakfast. We happened upon a Mom and Pop A-frame diner on the main strip and stopped to feast before our long day ahead. We were finding breakfast to be the best meal to have at a restaurant. Breakfast in small diners is usually cost-effective, fast and a good source of protein and carbs.

Our mid-day resting place was Pomeroy a quaint town that seemed to have exactly one of everything: one grocery store, one bar, one diner and one coffee shop. When inquiring about the food at the bar two locals suggested we purchase our own alcohol and consume it in the local park. In the park? We thought. Like in the open? They assured us that the local authorities were very relaxed about open containers. For a moment I felt we had happened upon a small town in Europe.

Exploring Pomeroy

Wyatt’s Roost, what a cool fort!

Fed and rested we continued East on highway 12 and began our climb to Alpowa Summit. By the time we began our ascent the heat had lessened and the wind picked up. Atop the summit we shielded ourselves as the warm wind whipped at us from every direction. it was a wild ride down the steep incline of other side to say the least.

Atop Alpowa Summit

A couple of fixer-uppers in Dodge, WA

Pastoral setting with round bales

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