Day 10 Fields of Gold

We said our goodbyes to our wonderful hosts and to Walla Walla. As much as we wanted to stay and watch the World Cup from the comfort of Tessa’s comfy living room we had a lot of miles to earn for the day.

The beautiful wheat fields brought to mind “Fields of Gold”

Jess in her try-to-burn-me-now-sun gear

The beautiful fields of gold

Cycling has made me much more aware of the sounds, sights, and smells that are overlooked while driving in a car. The smell of freshly cut cedar when a logging  truck drives by. The sound of cicadas in a field. The sickly sweet smell of road kill. Many of these we are immune to with the windows rolled up and AC blasting.  As we cycled East I was enchanted by the siren song of the wheat fields; the wind danced through the dry grains.

Cooling off. We did quite a bit of this during the trip.

Denise & Josh, another couple of long-distance cyclists headed to Colorado. Although they were much more invested in their trip preparations. They built their bikes themselves!

Sure, I look like I’m happy, but my legs were killing me this day

Jess frolicking in a lavender garden

Call it the intense heat but this had us rolling. At the Lewis and Clark campground in Washington where we stopped to camp they had an interesting name for our-style of camp site. So much for “hiker/biker” or “dry” site. They called it “primitive” as if that was where they sent the cavemen to sleep.

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