Day 19 Onto Butte

So… as much as I love our trip and the strength I feel from cycling, there is one thing I do not enjoy: steep inclines first thing in the morning. It’s like my muscles begin to riot without a flat or downhill warm-up period. This particular morning we were faced with a bit of a climb and I was not loving it. At least there was a beautiful view when we reached the top.

A beautiful waterfall to accent our morning

Georgetown Lake

The quaint Georgetown Lake store where we stopped for refreshments

The marina store mascot hard at work

Wait, it gets better… as we were cycling along Interstate 90 (yes, bicycles are allowed to cycle on interstates in Montana) we saw a sign directing us to Wisdom. “Jess, do you need any more wisdom?” I shouted in jest. “Nope, I’m good” was her response. Coming upon a sign that directed us towards Opportunity, however, was even harder to pass up. We happily pedaled on knowing that we had plenty of opportunity ahead of us.

We arrived in Butte “The Richest Hill on Earth”

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