Day 31 Burned Bums

Start point: Foggia, Italy

End point: Foggia, Italy

Miles: 0

Key words: beach, lounging, fried, burned, roasted, lobsters

Having eked out an extra day off after crossing the boot, we booked our flat in Foggia for two nights and decided to head to the nearest beach. We hopped on a train for Mafredonia (known forevermore as Man-fried-onia) intent on toasting our rears and evening out some of our excessive cycling tan lines. To cut a long story very short, we rented lounge chairs and, wanting to get every cent out of the expenditure lazed in the sun for hours. Upon returning to Foggia we realized we were overdone, particularly on our backsides. Below is a tasteful visual representation of us by the end of the day.


Lobster tails

Total miles so far: 1,208

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