Day 32 Rest Stopped

Sorry gang, not much to report on day 32. We cycled continuously all day only breaking for a quick nap in the city park of Gillette, WY. We were pushing ourselves to get to South Dakota and by the time we reached Upton, WY it was pitch black. According to our map there was a rest stop that we wanted to scope it out as a possible camping area.

As we were cycling through Upton a large red pickup slowly creeped by then stopped a few yards ahead. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as our run in with the angry driver the day before had me a bit on edge. As we cycled alongside the truck the window rolled down and a smiling older woman blurted out “Are you girls looking for a place to stay tonight? We could put you up.” Any apprehension melted when we heard her kind words and had the couple lived in Upton we surely would have taken them up on it. However, they lived 30 miles away and we weren’t about to cheat on our miles. Moments like these gave me hope for the future of humanity. We thanked them graciously for their offer and proceeded to the rest stop.

We cycled into the rest stop and a glaring sign read NO CAMPING. Foiled again. I began rethinking our hasty turn down of the couple’s lodging offer. There was, however, a wooded area next to the rest stop. Jess found the perfect nook hidden from the rest stop, road, and a house by trees. We set up our tent and proceeded to make use of the rest stop facilities.

Rest Stop Shower

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