Day 34 Day Off in Francavilla

Start point: Francavilla al Mare, Italy

End point: Francavilla al Mare, Italy

Miles: 0

Key words: deviant, 100 miles, milestone, relaxing, planning, carbs

It felt somehow deviant having yet another day off in the span of four days, but we had big plans ahead of us. We wanted to accomplish a one hundred mile day on this trip. So we merged two days from the itinerary and allowed ourselves the day before off to prepare for an epic day of cycling. The most miles we had completed in a day on this trip so far was 83. When I cycled across the US with my friend Jess in 2010 the most we managed was 93. Both Bita and I were overjoyed to reach this cycling milestone. We spent the day relaxing, stretching, planning, and for dinner we had a “pre-workout” meal of carbs (in the form of pizza) and gatorade. We could hardly sleep we were so excited!


Pre-workout meal of carbs and gatorade

Total miles so far: 1,319

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