Day 37 A Word on Ice Cream

We departed from Kadoka, SD inspired and excited to get some miles behind us. We had no specific destination we just wanted to see how quickly we could progress towards Sioux City where we planned to take a coveted break from cycling with Jess’ family.

Early in the day we found ourselves surrounded by the brilliant yellow faces of sunflowers. Their energy was positively infectious.

We hadn’t realized we were in store for our next time zone change. Each time zone felt like such an accomplishment!

Another hitchhiker who stayed with us for a record amount of miles

A word on ice cream. In our “normal lives” Jess and I do not partake in this creamy treat regularly. During this adventure, however, ice cream became a favorite past time. Ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles and milkshakes became soothing treats that refresh us in the heat of the day and console us when everything aches. On the road ice cream is a wonderful way to cool down while loading up on calories.

Jess tackling a 1/2 gallon of orange sherbet outside a grocery store in Draper, SD

We rode hard that day excited to catch up on miles and reach our half way point for the trip. We cycled into Presho, SD and set up camp at the only RV campground in town.

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