Day 14 Along the Clearwater

Strutting my stuff outside of a porta potty

One great thing about traveling across Idaho via Highway 12 was the convenient amount of facilities available to travelers. It seemed like we couldn’t go 3 miles without spotting a restroom. Plus it is legal to camp anywhere along the Clearwater River for free so long as it’s not in a national park. If it weren’t for the lack of shoulder on the highway it would be a touring cyclists’ paradise.

Katie, Jess & Deb

Jess and I ate lunch at a rustic diner in Lowell, ID where elk heads and animal skins covered the walls. We ate on place-mats that educated us on presidents and US geography and the huckleberry vinaigrette was delicious. We were still chuckling about the educational place mats some miles up the road when Jess realized she had left her camera battery charging at the restaurant. She decided to pedal the six miles back for the battery when locals Katie and her father Deb stepped in and saved the day; giving Jess a ride back to the quaint town of Lowell and saving us an additional hour of cycling.

Admiring the Clearwater River

Jess and her good luck charm

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