Day 15 Hot Springs

The beautiful Lochsa River we followed for the day. It’s amazing how the close proximity of a cool refreshing river can make the hot days so much more manageable.

Ms. Buff Legs showing off our midway resting place for the day, Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

One of the soothing pools at Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. There were about half a dozen pools in all. Some were tepid, some hot, some scalding, some medium with an essence sulfur and some quite chilly. Aside from the token nude guy it was like a wonderful natural spa.

Enjoying the sunset

We cycled into Lochsa Lodge campgrounds and set up camp at the very last camp site available. As we cycled around looking for this site, we noticed that almost every person camping smiled and waved. It was such a friendly place. Our camp host was a bubbly woman and her assisting grandson. When they rolled up in their Gator we asked about buying wood for a campfire. The woman cheerfully replied, “No, but we can give you some.” Definitely one of the best campgrounds I’ve ever encountered!

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