Day 24 Yellowstone

We woke up bright and early again this morning, our bodies chilled to the core as we  made our way towards the ranch house. As a thank you for their hospitality we offered to make breakfast for the crew before we set off en route to Yellowstone.

Some of our new friends saying goodbye

“Missouri Flats” the ranch where we spent two nights under the stars

Filling up on ice-cold spring water

Cycling towards Yellowstone we were surrounded by beautiful countryside dotted with horses of every kind.

After stopping in West Yellowstone to stock up on supplies we visited the Grizzly Discovery Center to get a few tips on encountering and avoiding these impressive creatures. One of the most memorable tips we were given to keep our distance from Grizzlies was to “just talk.” Apparently grizzlies really do try to avoid us altogether so if they hear strange people noises they will keep their distance. Good to know!

Excited for Yellowstone all 2.2 million acres of it

Beautiful Yellowstone

A word on hiker biker camping in Yellowstone: We cycled the dozen or so miles to the nearest campsite in Yellowstone, Madison, and hoped we wouldn’t have any issues securing a patch of earth for our tent. At Yellowstone’s West entrance a glaring sign confirmed that all the camping in the park was FULL. We had been told by a fellow cyclist that in Yellowstone cyclists were never turned away. We hoped he was correct.

As it turned out, we were welcomed and a place was found for us immediately. In fact, hikers and cyclists are given what we call “VIP treatment” at Yellowstone. As a cyclist you never need a reservation; they will always find a place for you no matter the influx of towering RVs.

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