Day 48 Watermelon

One of the greatest things about traveling on a bicycle is our vulnerability; to the elements, the terrain and the interactions. Cycling alongside a vehicle with its windows rolled down incites conversation, cyclists and joggers exchange hellos with us, and seeing someone fishing off a bridge almost always provokes the question “Catch anything?”

The openness to the world that is achieved when cycling also makes stopping for things like fruit stands easy. Just a slight veer and brake and you’re ready to rumble. Jess and I make it a point to stop and browse the wares for sale along side most roads.

Purchasing a watermelon in Parkersburg, IA

Eating said watermelon in Parkersburg, IA

Exploring Parkersburg’s War Memorial

I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but for some reason I think this is really cool

An Iowan Sunset

That night we cycled to Brandon, IA. The tiny little town of approximately 300 people turned out to have the friendliest mayor (who also drives the school bus mind you) who happily agreed to let us camp at their bike trail park. Iowa in general seemed to have a wonderful cycling culture thanks to their yearly statewide cycling event RAGBRAI.

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